6 Mistakes that Event Planners Make

    6 mistakes event planners make

    The role of an Event Planner can sometimes be perceived as glamorous, exciting and adventurous. Trips to exotic places, meeting new people and staying at fabulous hotels. Some see our…

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    Our company has a straightforward ethos that allows us to approach each event management project with a clear sheet of paper. We don’t cloud your brief with internal policy, straplines…

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    Unique Corporate Events

    “Something unique” is the phrase de jour it seems when it comes to our corporate event and incentive enquiries. Whether it’s for pre-dinner drinks, restaurant options, a conference venue, a…

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    Eating in Birmingham


    You can say what you like about dining in Birmingham – but it’s certainty not boring! The Birmingham restaurant scene unquestionably caters for all tastes and budgets, offers a huge…

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