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Live Virtual Events in the Virtual World. Virtual meetings work best when you need to bring people together in a virtual environment. It’s that simple! Training sessions, advisory boards, workshops, sales conferences, educational events all work brilliantly in the virtual world.

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Virtual Event Management In The UK

Bringing People Together Works

There will always be a need to bring people together. Whether to educate, motivate, inspire or deliver a shared message. Sometimes it can be as simple as giving people the chance to come together and collaborate. The benefits of ethically sourced events bringing people together are a hugely proven way to accelerate learning, motivation, and productivity.

But it’s not always possible to physically bring people together. There are many logistics to consider and the budget may not allow these logistics to be put in place. Equally, face-to-face events can at times be non-sustainable, negatively impacting the environment.

Social and environmental sustainability runs deep through everything we do. So, we like to do things differently. We will always love to deliver live events, but with our passion for sustainability, we have become experts in creating virtual, digital experiences.

Virtual Events Benefits

  • Events can be hosted from anywhere in the world to any delegate in the world by our dedicated team in virtual events in the UK.
  • We can set up a conference studio in your office, home, or wherever you want presenters to present from!
  • We can design small stage sets with sustainable, multi-use materials for set up at regional offices & locations, allowing for smaller regional event pods (see below)
  • Virtual Meetings and Events can be stripped down or dressed up. The choice is yours. We can design digital virtual reality sets, interactive presentations, questions & answers, videos & animation. The only limit truly is imagination. Anything is possible in the digital world! But, sometimes simple is best – we get that!
  • Just because your event management is in the virtual world, doesn’t mean guests can’t enjoy a thoroughly entertaining experience. From holograms to magicians, the options are endless
  • Pre-recorded video presentations & vlogs can be designed by our clever team. Videos can also be interactive allowing for audience participation at pre-designed points
  • We use secure platform technology to allow live streaming (& recording) so delegates can get started quickly & conveniently
  • Delegate interaction, Q&A, polls, quizzes & games so as to keep your sparks sparking!
  • Recording & event library filing

What events work as virtual events?

- Training Sessions

- Advisory Boards

- Workshops

- Sales Conferences

- Educational Events

It’s Just Like a Real Event

Pre-event, we can design teasers, mailers, and incentives to join the virtual event. Harnessing our delegate registration technology, we can provide an experience and presence long before the event starts to get the delegates engaged, excited, and talking! Event websites with full registration ability can be created. We can even arrange for teasers, giveaways, collateral, food, and beverage to be sent to delegates in time for the big event!

Large or small, our virtual meetings can have a live event look and feel.

On the day, we deliver and design the event so as to replicate a live event experience whilst your presenters can quite literally be anywhere in the world, with our team managing the entire experience – providing a streamlined, consistent, and visually exciting virtual meeting.

Coronavirus Events

With Coronavirus, it is hard to decide how to successfully manage your events. Should I host an event? Should I bring people together? What are the health implications? Click here to read how we can help keep your event running.

Regional Event Pods

Meeting face to face has real value. But, bringing entire delegate communities together from national and international locations can be difficult.  Yet, there is still a need to meet. Our regional meeting pod solution can help.

Combining virtual and green event technology with face-to-face meetings can sometimes be the answer that ticks all the boxes. Regional meeting pods are like mini-events. We can set up mini-event locations anywhere you need them, using multi-use, environmentally friendly materials. Delivering locally reduces carbon footprint and provides a live event experience in an intimate setting. Settings can be an office reception, a coffee shop, a venue meeting space, or anywhere that brings people together.

And this is where the magic happens…

We combine all our live expertise and knowledge and combine this with our virtual meeting technology. Now imagine your regional meeting pods all connected virtually. Presenters in one location, delegates in others all interacting, working, and sharing ideas in real-time.  All the benefits of a large event, bringing all your community together but, without any of the logistics or costs!

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Our solutions are always tailored to a specific need, but being technology-based, our solutions can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. A great option for when you need a last-minute event experience… We look forward to hearing from you.

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