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Atmosphere It’s everything when it comes to creating a memorable event. Our expert lighting and audio sound visual teams work with our clients to create bespoke audiovisual experiences that bring events to life.

Why Are Audio Visuals Important For Your Event?

Turn on the light. Now turn it off again. Now turn it on and off again and whistle eerily…. You’ve just given a little audiovisual performance!

OK, it won’t win any industry prizes, but it’s given you an insight into the power of audiovisual work and shown you what can be achieved with just a simple sequence using some very basic equipment.

So now let’s scale it up – think about the possibilities for your event using audiovisual techniques that are crafted by some of the industry’s most creative minds. And now throw in leading technical experts and combine it all with an arsenal of advanced sound and lighting equipment with virtual meetings.

Audiovisuals are important for your event because they are the difference between an event that is flat and an event that has an incredible atmosphere.

We actually all know the power of the atmosphere, but it’s so familiar that we don’t always acknowledge it. Think of Christmas music playing in the supermarket at Christmas time, think of the dramatic lighting and entrancing electronic music in fashionable clothes shops, think of the glowing candlelight and soft, romantic music in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Music and lighting are crucial for your event because they elevate it and transform it into something extraordinary and entirely unique.

Creatively Communicating Your Message

In order to be effective, an atmosphere has to be just right. You must match your company, your venue, and the purpose of your event; you must tie them together under one theme, with one uniting atmosphere so that they work harmoniously to communicate your message.

Whether it’s a product launch, an academic seminar, a festival, an award ceremony, a corporate team-building event, a healthcare event, or something completely new, experience tells us that clear, creative communication is always the key to success.

We bring together creativity with advanced technical understanding and the latest audiovisual technology to help you to communicate in a unique way through a memorable atmosphere.

What Makes A Captivating Visual Event?

Being captivating doesn’t always mean using the brightest lights, or the loudest speakers. While a fashionable music festival needs to grab attention in an obvious way, an industry expo needs small, considered touches to affirm quality and professionalism in a subtle way. An evening of short talks is different again, requiring, say, sympathetic lighting for the podium to present the speaker in a flattering way, and perhaps a few moments of light entrance and exit music to provide an audio frame for the talk.

How We Choose The Most Compelling Soundtracks

We choose a soundtrack by first looking at your company, then your business goals, and finally your event. Working with you, we come to understand:

  • your USPs
  • your target audience
  • what you are trying to achieve

Once we have established these fundamentals, we can match your brand and event to a particular atmosphere and sound. We call this the “look and feel”.

When you and our team are both happy with the “look and feel” for your company, we then select the technology that will work best to create the desired effect.

We Create an Experience For Your Audience

Our goal is always to go beyond just impressing guests with some advanced technology. We don’t just want to create a pretty display. The audio-visual component of events is an art form and the aim is to create an experience for your audience.

It could be a sensational lighting display with captivating visuals or it could be subtle musical touches – each company and green event is unique. We make sure that every aspect is fine-tuned to convey the right message and get your brand the attention it deserves.

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