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Our Delegate Registration Solution

Event Website

A website becomes the digital and Search engine optimization home of your event. It is where much of the social media will signpost to, and it forms an interactive space for your event to flourish.

We can either operate within your existing website environment or create a standalone website for your event – which has a number of benefits and opportunities. Our dedicated registration website is a secure web-based system that is GDPR compliant making it easy to create a seamless event experience for your attendees.

The benefits of our system include:

  • Creation of a standalone website representing your brand guidelines ensuring a consistent look, feel and message for your event
  • A personalized registration journey that will take your attendees to their own personal pre-filled registration forms
  • User-friendly and flexible forms offer attendees a smooth and painless and delegate registration experience through easy-to-navigate forms that can easily be copied or changed to suit your specific needs
  • SEO rich content with rich backlinking to maximize searchability & to ensure ROI for any sponsors or exhibitors
  • Complete flexibility on content, allowing for videos, social medial posting
  • Ability to sell online real estate to sponsors
  • Online award nomination, abstract functionality, and mobile app integration
  • Online payment functionality & invoicing
  • Full email database system, allowing us to create personalized mailing campaigns
  • Real-time reporting with live reports on all inputted data to include guest details, requirements & sponsorship revenue

Delegate Registration

We will ensure that ‘front of house’ works swimmingly, where all guests delegation experience the same high-quality, white-glove approach. This starts with delegate registration, embracing our in-house technology to register guests online, in a real-time and strategic meeting management environment. This allows us to automate much of the registration process, whilst giving us a number of reports that can be used on sites, such as attendance, diet, and special requests.

We set up a regional phone number and email address, offering a dedicated ‘front line’ concierge service for guest inquiries. Typically, we can answer many of your guest requests, offering a ‘white glove’ approach that is genuinely there to help with any guest’s requirement.

For us, the event design and marketing experience start long before a guest arrives onsite. We understand that your guests will expect a high level of support and service. We are the people for the job! Using technology also allows us to cut out the use of single-use materials.

Onsite Registration

Our delegate registration system can very easily and quickly register arriving guests, using tablets. With a quick swipe or scan of a pre-printed QR code on a delegate’s badge, we can smoothly register guests allowing us to track exactly who and how many people are currently onsite.

Our welcome team is on hand to offer any support, answer questions and help with any guest requests. This may be anything from sorting a bag to arranging a return taxi to the station.

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