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Clearwater Events helps many large companies and organizations save money and access savings through Strategic Meetings Management (SMM). When it comes to event and hotel accommodation spend, many companies, large and small, have a limited understanding of what is being spent and where. Despite their spending power, these companies often miss out on significant savings and discounts when sourcing venues and hotels for their meetings, events, and accommodation.

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How our Strategic Meeting Management Program saves you money

Skilled negotiation and strong relationships

We are skilled negotiators, experienced at carrying out Strategic Meetings Management for clients all over the UK and beyond. Our existing relationships with a wide range of suppliers and venues ensure you always get the best prices.

Better events at a better cost

Strategic meetings management takes your spending and leverages this to maximize cost savings and purchasing benefits. The science is simple. We help control your virtual event and accommodation spend by consolidating to specific suppliers based on your own procurement goals. We look at what processes you already have and formulate strategies on what you don’t have.

Added benefits

Through the power of consolidating hotel accommodation and event spend, we can stop overspending, whilst helping to ensure that spend works for you. Consolidated spend with specific suppliers improves your purchasing power, reduces expenditure, and maximizes cost savings. It also allows us to leverage further value-added benefits such as improved cancellation notices, complimentary upgrades, and more favorable attrition terms and conditions.

Our Strategic Meetings Management model

Whether you arrange one event per year or have an entire portfolio, SMM can help reduce costs. When combined with your hotel accommodation bookings, your pot of spend becomes an even more powerful negotiation tool. Our model is simple, made up of components, each offering an SMM solution designed to your unique need. The more components that are applied, the more effective your expense management solution will be.

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Securing 30% of savings using Strategic Meetings Management

We work with a large childcare provider. They were organizing events, departmental meetings, and training seminars, as well as hotel accommodation for trainers and management staff. With no consistency in venues used and a lack of communication between the different departments carrying out the work, compliance to procurement, quality, and delivery of service suffered. Cost savings thanks to our SMM solution are averaging 30% savings for the year ahead. Click here to find out more.

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