Sustainability and equality at the heart of our approach

We create and deliver outstanding ethically sourced events and this starts with the location and venue. We review your brief, understand your aims and objectives and help guide you in selecting a destination that suits your delegate demographic.

Using the moral compass

We encourage our clients to use destinations that embrace equality. Clearwater Events believe in using destinations that embrace the values and beliefs of equality, rather than putting delegates in destinations where their lifestyle, beliefs, gender or sexuality could be illegal or suppressed.

A suitable destination for every delegate

Our first question in proposing a suitable destination is, ‘What are the demographics of your delegation?’ You may not have a complete guest list, but an overview of age, gender, nationalities and any key demographics you feel are relevant is important. For example, you can assume that you will have at least 5% LGBTQ delegates, so sending an LGBTQ event to a destination where homosexuality is illegal isn’t a good move. We always have our clients’ best interests at heart and go into great detail when considering the suitability of a venue, even down to who owns it. We are fully aware that if a venue is owned or funded by unethical sources then it could have negative implications for our clients.

Our destination checklist

Based on your delegate demographics, we research destinations that best fits your brief and requirements. This can include:

  • Checking the Foreign Office website. Are there any travel warnings?
  • Check Amnesty International’s website, identifying possible issues that may affect delegates
  • Are there any passport restrictions? What nationalities are unable to travel?
  • Check departure access points based on possible delegate locations. Which airlines travel to the destination?) Are the flight times suitable to allow delegates to safely travel to and from the airport? If a flight arrives home late at night, will delegates have a safe way of travelling home?
  • Is the suggested destination one that delegates will feel safe in?
  • What are the legalities and what are the ramifications if something does go wrong?


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