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Clearwater Events embraces Birmingham’s ability to attract and develop talent, harnessing creativity to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Our brand, ethos and product services aim to showcase Birmingham and the greater West Midlands region as a centre of excellence and a driver for economic growth. We actively market the region through social media, our website and promotional events.

Committed to using local suppliers and individuals

Delivering event management and creative marketing solutions globally, Clearwater Events fosters a community approach to our events. We aim to leave a lasting footprint in the destinations we operate in. Our approach is to always use local, sustainable community-based companies and individuals, to help us create the event solution. We partner with them to help ensure they maximise their ability and potential. This helps to inject spend back to local community projects, helping our clients to stimulate local growth and development where the event is operating.

Working to a low-cost model, we keep our own expenses to a minimum which maximises the spending power and potential of the event. We believe this is fundamental when designing events; offering creativity, talent and opportunity but, at a lower cost.

Embracing equality in the way we work

We believe in equal opportunity for all and this runs deep through all aspects of Clearwater Events. We actively engage with companies and destinations that represent equality. Clearwater Events is a LGBTQ company, our leading directors represent this minority group. We are focused on equality for all and engage globally with people who can develop, grow and harness talent. We also embrace Birmingham’s culture and actively engage with BME suppliers and support local organisations to help us deliver our event solutions.

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