Looking after our clients and the environment

At Clearwater Events we are committed to reducing the impact events have on the environment. Any event can create a lot of food, energy and material waste. It always surprises us just how much waste an event can generate, from agendas to welcome letters, delegate pages and event paperwork and in turn, how much paper is thrown away after the event. Not only is this a drain on your budget, but it also has a massive impact on the environment. We work with you to create innovative sustainable events which create positive social and environmental legacies.

 How we make our events greener

We work within your own sustainability policy and where one is not in place, you can take advantage of our own guidelines. The way we ensure our events are green include:

  • Using technology such as our online delegate registration system to register delegates
  • Reduce the sea of paper onsite, keeping printed material to a minimum
  • Using recycled products or products made from recycled material. For example, delegate gifts and necessary paperwork
  • Identify venues that have an international sustainability certificate
  • Ensuring that the venue and delegates use recycling bins for waste
  • Work with venues to ensure that food isn’t wasted. For example, cater for actual numbers and any leftover food to be potentially donated to a local project in need
  • Consolidate delegate transfers and identify transportation solutions that reduce carbon emissions

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