A sustainable solution using local support

We manage events all over the world, but wherever we visit, we ensure our solution is sustainable and supported by local suppliers that share our spirit for sustainability. This ensures that your event creates a lasting positive footprint in the communities you visit, through the local suppliers we use.

Responsibly sourcing local suppliers

We use local, sustainable community-based companies and individuals to help us develop the event logistics. Our approach is to partner with the local suppliers to help ensure they maximise their own ability and potential. We ensure that our suppliers share the same values as you, your delegates and company policy.

Our supplier checklist

When sourcing suppliers, we ensure the following:

  • Suppliers are not affiliated with regimes, political organisations, dictatorships or investors with questionable ethics
  • Suppliers have an equal opportunities policy that treats all their workers with equality and respect, from how they work to the pay they receive
  • Suppliers support the local communities in which they operate, working where possible with local companies to help deliver, especially in the delivery of food and beverage
  • Suppliers ensure that they deliver their product ethically, responsibly and comply with all local laws and requirements


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