Online Abstract Management Solution

A simple online abstract management solution for your delegates to present their papers or talks as part of your event.

Our abstract management solution

If you are inviting delegates to present papers or talks as part of your event, then we have the perfect online abstract management solution for you.

Our full abstract management solution includes:

  • Ability to create, manage and review online abstract and entire paper submissions
  • Branded abstract and paper submission web pages complete with online submission forms to suit your requirements
  • Abstracts are securely viewed online by your panel of experts
  • Once abstracts are reviewed by the panel, abstract submitters can then be invited to submit entire papers for online or print publishing
  • Accepted abstracts and papers can be automatically linked to the conference agenda
  • Seamlessly integrated communications so that emails can be sent to submitters and reviewers automatically

We offer a complete solution bringing together abstracts, registrations and sessions in one convenient, accessible place for your guests, which they can all access from your event website and via a mobile application for your event.

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