What’s In My Suitcase? 10 Event Management Travel Tips

event management travel tips
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Being a frequent traveller, my case is always to hand, as you never know where you will be going next. This is one of the most exciting aspects of Event Management as you are often travelling! From Glasgow to Geneva, London to Las Vegas, there aren’t many places I have not been to. But, alas, most of what I see is hotels, conference centres and windowless event spaces.

Hotels always offer a touch of comfort but never a home away from home feeling. So, I have a checklist of items that I never leave home without. Not only does it make travelling more comfortable, but also makes me feel more at home – wherever I may be. So here are my top ten tips!

Tip One

Invest in lightweight luggage. Fancy cases look great but they take up precious weight when travelling. There are some great lightweight cases on the market. Invest in a case that you can check in along with a cabin/carry on case. And if possible, make sure they have four wheels – your back will thank you!

Tip Two

Travel comfy! The days of dressing smartly in hope of an upgrade are over. So, I always travel in a tracksuit, memory foam trainers and a t-shirt.

Tip Three

Pack your laptop, tablet and phone in your carry on and make sure you have at least two plug adapters. I fully charge everything before I leave and all are ready for use as I travel.

Tip Four

I always load up a new movie, book or TV series onto my tablet so I have some entertainment. I also have noise reduction headphones which I don’t leave the house without. Vital, especially for longer journeys. I also take my bluetooth speaker – nice to have a bit of music in hotel rooms where your only entertainment is the news channel.

Tip Five

I have given up decanting toiletries into small bottles. So, I have invested in small travel sized versions of everything I need and this remains permanently in my bag ready for departure. I also have some treats such as a posh shower gel and aftershave; they really do make you feel good!

Tip Six

I always take painkillers, anti-histamine and so forth. It’s always nice to have your old faithfuls on standby. You never know when you’ll need them!

Tip Seven

Pack snacks! I take crisps and savoury snacks and often, if flying, will take a lovely salad or something prepared at home. I can’t stand airline food so having something home prepared makes you feel just a little bit warm and fuzzy.

Tip Eight

Tell your mobile phone provider that you are travelling – there are often roaming package that allows for data and phone usage. Also, tell your bank so that they know you’re legitimately buying that must-have souvenir at the airport!

Tip Nine

Tea bags… I only drink peppermint tea but my colleagues always moan that they can’t get a good cuppa when away! So, it might be worth taking your own.

Tip Ten

When you’ve arrived at your hotel, keep your passport, ticket, phone and wallet/purse next to your bed. Or, as cabin crew do, keep them next to a pair of shoes next to your bed. If you need to leave in an emergency, you have the vitals to get you home!

We hope these tips help you on your next trip!