Virtual and Hybrid Events

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Virtual and Hybrid Events


You might feel you have the skills to create and manage a virtual event. After all, we have all recently become experts in zoom meetings haven’t we?

You may even have an IT guru who thinks they can create their own solution. That’s great! But now that you’re here, let’s show you how working with experts (such as us) can help!

Our question to you… Do you have the experience to deliver an event that’s truly amplified?

Delivering an online event is actually really tricky.
And this is where Clearwater Events has you covered. We deliver events that have all the right touch points. We drive engagement, spark conversation and create rich audience experiences. We add the value, the spark and the knowledge. We have everything you need to amplify loudly.

Virtual Events



It can be hard to decide how to successfully manage your event right now. Should I host an event? Should I bring people together? What are the health and safety risks?

With our virtual event solutions, we have you covered so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in expert (and safe) hands. Messages can be delivered, and business can be done. In these changing times, virtual events give you the power to connect across different regions and countries, bringing people & brands together. Consider us, your virtual venue.

Our virtual event team manage all aspects of the event lifecycle, adding real value. Our user-friendly technology platform ensures everyone gets connected, offering a combination of live and on demand streaming. We can design content, presentations, networking and interactivity to help drive results from the top to the bottom. Our solutions can be up & running within 24 hours or less, allowing accessible content that drives attendance whilst maximising return on investment.

Our virtual event solutions bring people together, no matter their location whilst offering a safe, sustainable and professional environment.

Clearwater Events offer three virtual event management packages: Studio, Essentials & Expert. Click here to find out more.

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Hybrid Events


When the time is right, you may want to meet in the real world. But, live events will look slightly different, and technology will be key in delivering content that connects people and brands.

Hybrid events combine a ‘live’ and ‘virtual’ experience, creating one event with two audiences.   People can attend, participate and be involved both physically and virtually.

Going hybrid gives your event global reach whilst reducing unnecessary travel costs and expenditure. Our hybrid event solutions combine our user-friendly virtual technology platform with a venue based live event. We can set up live events wherever you need them, whilst offering a virtual experience for those that prefer to interact virtually. The result is a multi-layered solution that delivers visible content to a far-reaching audience, bringing people and brands together.

Clearwater Events offer cost effective, technology rich hybrid meeting solutions. Click here to find out more.

Why Clearwater Events? We add the value..


Our virtual and hybrid event management solutions use powerful, yet simple to use technology that deliver a strong return, whilst connecting, inspiring and educating people. However, any event is only as good as the professionals behind the scenes.

We know there are many solutions in the market place, all promising the best of this and the best of that. You may also think your covered with your own experience. Our solutions have been designed and built with the needs of the client and audience in mind. When partnering with Clearwater Events, you don’t only get great technology, you get our teams’ expertise, experience and passion to deliver excellence. And this is where we add value that’s ahead of the pack. With us, we really have got you covered…

It’s a given that we understand our technology. In fact, we are experts with it. But, at Clearwater Events, we provide you with a complete event management solution, where we take care of all the details. Managing a virtual or hybrid event can seem a daunting task, but with us by your side, our support will be a breath of fresh air (we promise).

We don’t just provide the technology, we also provide the style and substance. We add the value, the experience and the knowledge which creates a brilliant experience for you and your audience.

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Our solutions are always tailored to a specific need, but being technology based, our solutions can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. A great option for when you need a last-minute event experience… We look forward to hearing from you.

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