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Client Experience


There is no hidden secret to our success. Clearwater Events has grown because we deliver extraordinary event solutions, where we put the needs of the client and audience at the very heart of everything we do.

From the beginning, you can expect an event support service which really does support you and your team.

On appointment, you will be introduced to your dedicated Account Director. The conductor to your own orchestra who will be responsible for the success of your virtual or hybrid event from start to finish. Working as a central point of contact, the Account Director will be managing every detail and ensuring the event runs like clockwork.

To facilitate this, we work in the cloud (although we keep our feet firmly on the ground). Working with collaborative cloud-based technology, we align to your style of working. We can operate in Microsoft 365, Google or Dropbox ecosystems, allowing us to file share, collaborate and work as a synergised team from the get-go. We can work with client preferred instant messaging, software programmes and email.

Our next step creates the project plan. The plan sets out what needs to be done, by who and by when. This ensures we are all playing to the same piece of music, ensuring there are no nasty surprises. We all work to the plan, reviewing and amending so everything stays on track.

To support the project plan, a Production Schedule is created which details the event minute by minute. Often referred to as the script, it details every movement so to ensure everyone stays on track.

On event day, our team become your orchestra, delivering all elements of the event, delivering technology, managing your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and audience and problem solving where needed. Graceful swans are a good analogy of our virtual and physical onsite presence and we are there as a team to ensure your event is delivered flawlessly.

  • Dedicated Account Director to manage your event from top to tail
  • Collaborative project management aligned to your way of working
  • Onsite delivery



Audience Experience






Your Account Director will ensure that ‘front of house’ works swimmingly, where your audience – our guests, experience the same high quality, white glove approach. This starts with delegate registration, embracing our in-house technology to register guests online with minimum fuss. This allows a smooth and painless registration experience through easy-to-navigate forms that can easily be changed to suit specific need.

When delivering a hybrid live event, our registration tool provides pre event health questionnaire and onsite we offer contactless check in with at home badge printing.

Our clever delegate registration system can be brand aligned to ensure a consistent marketing message. Or, our digital marketing team can create an individual event identity and brand. Combining creatively branded content with simplified delegate registration ensures your event gets off to a flying start.

On appointment, we set up a regional phone number and email address, offering a dedicated ‘front line’ concierge service for guest enquiries. Typically, we can answer many of your guest requests, offering a white glove concierge that is genuinely there to help with any guests requirement.

Of course, the virtual event solution will take centre stage, offering a fantastically intuitive and engage pre, during and post event experience. But, all this is supported by our white glove concierge, ensuring your audience are treated as our guests.

When providing a hybrid event solution, we have created our own set of onsite policies to ensure live events are delivered safely, supported with pre event health questionnaires. Our policies will be communicated to your audience prior to coming onsite, assuring that health, safety and wellbeing is our number one priority. Please click here to view our health and safety onsite policies.

  • Intuitive delegate registration with brand & content alignment
  • White glove, concierge approach with dedicated phone, email & chat support
  • Full health & safety policy for hybrid live events

Content & Engagement


For content to have an impact, it needs to pack a punch. We know how to deliver meaningful content that drives top and bottom results. Content delivery in the virtual world plays to a different tune and therefore, needs a different approach. A virtual audience can be easily distracted, and people quickly become tired and disconnected.

Virtual content needs to connect with your audience, where thoughts are provoked and opinions challenged. Presentations can often be one sided, with the speaker presenting and people listening. This simply doesn’t cut the mustard. Our team are experts in creative strategy and ideation and we work with you and your presenters to ensure content is delivered in the right way.

An engaging experience also requires interaction, where the audience becomes part of the dialogue. We build interactive elements into content delivery, creating a rich experience to inspire the mind. Live Q&A, polls and live chats bring new opinions to the discussion whilst virtual breakout and workshop sessions help keep the conversation going (and developing). Gamification, networking and discussion boards help to keep your audience fully engaged and motivated throughout the event lifecycle. And we can dig deep and identify trends and insights from these discussions on what’s hot and what’s not.

  • Solution creators that deliver impact & metric creators to measure success
  • Delegate interactivity through content driven Q&A, live polls & chats
  • Gamification to enhance engagement









Imagine an event not bound by location, where geography doesn’t dictate who can and cannot attend. Traditionally, events have been governed by location, accessibility, and venue. An events overall success often dictated by its physical appearance and delivery, rather than the content.

We understand the impact events have on the environment and we have always embraced technology, whilst cutting out single use materials. We have always known that a live event contributes to CO2 emissions, pollution, landfill along with food waste. So, our virtual and hybrid solutions came early to the game, as we knew that to really ensure sustainability, we had to get digital.

A virtual venue delivers everything you need, but in a more environmentally sustainable way. And, our hybrid events significantly reduce travel as we create smaller events connected through our virtual technology. Imagine the power of connecting your regions and teams together in smaller live environments, all connected, all working together. But with less environmental impact.

Sustainable events are accessible events. Not everyone can attend a physical event. For example… The new business start up wanting to attend a training event but unable to afford the travel… A family who have commitments that stops a parent or guardian travelling to an event… The person with a disability that may find travel a challenge… It’s the audience that is just too busy to find the time to come to your event. Imagine an event where your content is accessible to all!

  • UK events industry emits 1.2bn kg of Co2 per year
  • A typical event attendee generates 1.89kg of waste per day, 85% non-recyclable
  • The average event wastes between 15% & 20% of the food it produces for delegates

Digital Marketing


Event content will always take a principal lead, but content needs to filter through all touchpoints to establish a consistent and powerful message.

Clearwater Digital is a full-service digital marketing solution that brings stories, messages and brands to life. Our team amplify your brief into a campaign that delivers on your event goals, through strategy, design, delivery and content.

Knowing how to deliver your digital presence can be a minefield. Our brand ambassadors combine technology, insights & digital marketing to create a great story that will engage, motivate and inspire your people. We reach out to your audience and create meaningful connections which drive results from top to bottom.

Our content creators will tell the story and identify the best ways to deliver. In the virtual world, you aren’t bound by the constraints of PowerPoint and Keynote. We can apply motion graphics, 3D environments, augmented reality and video. Combined with an on-point message, your live and on demand presentations will create a ‘wow’.

Creative pre-event mailers and teaser campaigns can be designed to engage, aligned to the brand and message being delivered. And where the big idea needs its own brand and message, we can create this too.

Social media is ever changing, but a strong online presence with on point content is vital to the brand. Our social experts create meaningful and measurable campaigns through multiple channels. They plan media spend and apply SEO to ensure we deliver a spot-on solution with metrics and measurement.

Our team design microsites and fully loaded event websites packed with SEO and measurement. Event specific and brand ready mobile apps form part of our toolbox of skills and being data geeks, we can give you all the insights you need to track success.

  • Content creators to drive top & bottom results
  • Lead generation & engagement ideation & delivery
  • Social media, teaser & marketing campaign design & delivery


Safety & Online Security




Your safety is our number one priority and whether attending one of our virtual or hybrid events, we want your people to feel safe and secure.

Our virtual event solutions and delegate registration platform have been designed to meet stringent security and regulatory requirements. Our systems are SSO, PCI DSS and EU GDPR compliant. We keep all delegate data fully protected within our cloud-based software and all details are deleted 21 days post event.

When attending one of our hybrid or live events we want you to feel super safe. So, things will now look a little different. We have created a safety information video and information card highlighting what to expect when attending our events. Our video and safety card will be sent to all guests prior to attending. This is supported with a pre event health questionnaire which we ask all everyone to complete 24 hours prior to visiting.

 Our safety summary:

  • All crew are UK based & no member of our team will have travelled outside of the UK for 4 x weeks
  • Our crew work virtually
  • Operate no touch events which means no handshaking or kissing!
  • Ensure venues are deep cleaned prior to arrival with dedicated cleaning teams to ensure everything remains germ & virus free throughout the event
  • No shared spaces with other events, no matter how nice they are
  • All attendees to include delegates, crew & venue staff complete an online heath questionnaire 24 hours prior to arrival (with details saved for 21 x days post event)
  • Body temperatures checked on arrival
  • PPE & hand sanitizer stations available for all
  • Arrival times to be staggered with remote self-badge printing encouraged
  • Designated seating with socially distanced layouts
  • Oner-way systems with clear signage & fastrack access for those with disabilities
  • Tea and coffee served at your table. Buffets will not be on the menu. Meals served in sealed containers for safety
  • Production equipment sterilised prior to use & microphones for single use. All other equipment sterilised prior installation with careful cleaning rota’s applied

Click here to view our health & safety video





The content is on point, the digital experience is in place. Now, it’s time to deliver. Dazzlingly good delivery can only be achieved by an equally dazzling team and we have you covered.

Our clever production team partner with our equally clever digital team to create a production that is every bit as compelling as a movie blockbuster. We take your ideation and our solutions to create a masterpiece that truly captivates. We know our technology like the back of our hands, understanding how to push its functionality to really engage.

Virtual events aren’t constrained by real life so digitally, our producers have plenty of tricks in their magic box. We can apply motion graphics, 3D environments, augmented reality and video to ensure we truly captivate, whilst working with our digital team to ensure the message delivered is on point.

We start by developing a carefully choreographed production schedule and script. This outlines the entire event experience, from what slide is displayed where, to what music sting will be played (and when). We orchestrate production where everyone knows what they are doing, so the virtual or hybrid experience is flawless on the day. We work with your speakers, providing coaching and rehearsals in how to best deliver their activations. And, we create back up plans and schedules so we all know what to do and when. And of course, we manage production on event day.

Our team can work from their virtual studios to deliver an engaging live stream to anywhere in the world or, we can operate from a green screen live studio environment, where your speakers can present from a central hub. Our virtual studio can be wherever you need it to be and with green screen, absolutely anything visually is possible.

With hybrid events, we layer in brilliant lighting, sound, projection and on point equipment to create an epic live look and feel. We seamlessly connect multiple locations, creating a one event feel and your audience is left inspired, motivated and most importantly, engaged.

We have some fantastic stock items and if we don’t have it, we have the right connections to get what we need. Our approach is always in delivering wow, but we always have a close eye on the budget to ensure we deliver cost effective solutions that drive home top to bottom results.

For added assurance, our high touch audio visual equipment such as microphones and headsets are deep cleaned and are for single use. All other equipment is sterilised prior to installation with a careful cleaning rota applied. With virus control being a top priority, our production team follow our strict guidelines to ensure we all remain safe and secure whilst delivering awesomeness.

  • In House production team & equipment
  • Collaborative production management designed to deliver a true return on investment
  • Onsite delivery

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