Vera’s Christmas Tips

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Hello Lovies

Vera here – Venue Finding Vera…… With only 10 weeks to go before Christmas, the folks at Clearwater Towers are already hunting out the tinsel and dusting off the fairy for the Christmas Tree. I am, however rather partial to spray snow in a can which always adds a touch of class especially when used for festive messages such as ‘Merry Xmas’.

I have already started my Christmas list, its important him indoors gets it right this year. Last year I became the proud owner of a fondue set with LCD illuminated meat skewers and the year before that I received a highly useful nasal hair removal kit. Now, I am a venue finding superstar, this year I am hoping for botolox injections and some highly sophisticated cake bake to give me that Benidorm glow. A girl always has to look her best at Clearwater Towers darlings!

So lovies why am I waffling? Well, all this festive malarkey  has got me in the mood for dancing so I am now the official party organizer extraordinaire for the Clearwater Christmas doo. Now, I do love a good doo, mini sausages, horses doufers and those posh Kelly Crisps always guarantee a good night down the social club but, I have been told to come up with something more sophisticated. Well excuse me but aren’t Kelly Crisps sophisticated enough? So, Vera’s been thinking and has come up with the top ten tips to the perfect Christmas doo for all you lovely readers.

Tip One – Mistletoe

Stay away from the Mistletoe – go near it at your peril! It’s never OK to kiss the boss or in fact kiss anyone that you may work with. Trust me, I know. I once waited all night under the mistletoe for Mark the Manager, only to be hit with a power cut and ending up with stubble rash and soar lips from Kenny the Caretaker.

Tip Two – The Walk of Shame

Sometimes the mistletoe and rum punch can be all the encouragement you need to apply your beer spectacles and get frisky. To avoid that most unfortunate walk of shame the next morning, always take some emergency clothes, a toothbrush and clean underwear. No one will ever know!

Tip Three – Know Your Team

There is no point, lovies, arranging a doo that no one will like! Just as a young team might not appreciate a night down the Bingo Hall an older team might not want to strut their stuff to the latest X Factor wannabe. Plan wisely and ask your team for suggestions.

Tip Four – Give Guests Time to Prepare

Should it be the animal print catsuite or the gold kaftan? These decisions can make a girl very flustered so, make sure your invite has clear instructions on dress code and theme. Oh, and if there is a theme, make sure you tell everyone lovies.  We’ve all had a Bridget Jones playboy bunny outfit moment!  Or is that just me?

Tip Five – Nibbles

Make sure there is plenty of food to soak up the rum punch and ensure food is suitable for everyone. No one likes to be singled out as the “special diet”. Now, I do love a prawn ring myself, but make sure you know what people like before serving a fishy delight!

Tip Six – Home Or Away?

No, I’m not talking about Summer Bay, (though I do love keeping up with the young ones) but where you want to hold your festive doo. The office can be a cost effective option until someone spills punch over the server or when the photocopy machine breaks – why do they always break at office parties? Or perhaps an outside venue ticks the boxes – always a better option to spoil the team and provides a real sense of occasion! Outside venues are often cheaper as nibbles and drinkies can be budgeted for in advance.

Tip Seven – Join A Party? 

Many hotels and venues offer themed package nights where you lovely readers can take a table at a professionally organised party night. This is a great option for smaller teams who want a lively atmosphere or for those of you who would prefer to simply rock up and party! No pre planning is involved and often include entertainment and always a dance floor!

Tip Eight – Entertainment

If your organizing your own event, chose entertainment wisely. Always best to keep it clean and non blue although cheeky is good! Tribute Acts, Illusionists’ and Hypnotists all get the Vera sign of approval.

Tip Nine – Its Tax Free

Vera does not want to hear it….. The boss can’t afford it this year! Well, those rather lovely people at HMRC give GBP150.00 per person as a tax free allowance for gifts such as a Christmas party so sorry Mr Scroodge, there is no excuse! This means you can party tax free and get more pow for your pound. Be careful though, if you exceed GBP150.00 per person, those not so lovely people at HMRC will slap on the full tax for everything!

Tip Ten – Who You Gonna Call?  

Clearwater Events of course lovies. The talented team at Clearwater Events are the industry expects and their creativity, flare and passion can make the ordinary extraordinary without breaking the bank! From full Christmas Party management to theming ideas, entertainment suggestions along with finding the perfect venue through me, Venue Finding Vera, Clearwater Events can manage everything – from ensuring the perfect buffet (including posh crisps), a black tie gala dinner to providing spare toothbrushes for those naughty few!