The Event Management Rumour Mill

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As an Event Management Company, we always enjoy networking with peers and industry colleagues and last week saw the second “Meet Birmingham’ showcase in the city. It was an excellent event and the event management buyers attending I am sure were left impressed by our cities infrastructure, style and quality. Of course, I am biased as Clearwater Events is a Birmingham Event Management Agency, but many buyers were surprised by what we had to offer, some based on pre conceived negative assumptions and rumors.

I have never listened to rumours  the Event Management always seems to have so many and I think it best only to rely on first hand information. However, it seemed that many did come with a pre conceived opinion of the financial state of Birmingham and the apparent perilous state of some of our hotels!

Lets take the Malmaison and the Hotel du Vin for example. Both are destination hotels in the heart of the city and are more often than not, fully booked. Neither hotel is in financial jeopardy, yet many rumors seem to be circulating that both hotels are about to close. Indeed, a small shareholder in the hotel group has been suspended from trading, but this doesn’t effect the hotels. There are similar stories regarding the Hyatt, Radisson Blue and others.

Can we please as an Event Management industry stop listening to rumors, which are often ill founded and fueled by whispers that very quickly become so different to the truth. Birmingham, as with many regional cities, needs support from event management buyers so we can compete and deliver as meeting destinations. However, to do this, we need event buyers to keep an open mind to opinions and ideas and make their own minds up! So, why not come up and we as a city will certainly show you a great time!