Smart Planning & etouches

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At Clearwater Events, we believe that extraordinary event solutions shouldn’t be coupled with high price tags. We want our clients to spend their budget on what is important: their event. To achieve our goal of keeping our operating costs and fees to a minimum, we have employed ‘Smart Planning’.

‘Smart Planning’ embraces new technologies and concepts as a key way to maximise efficiency whilst minimising operating costs, highlighting the over inflated costs from many larger agencies.

Our ‘Smart Planning’ started with removing our most unnecessary overhead, the office. By becoming a virtual company, our team have the freedom to work from home, whilst allowing us to cherry pick the right talent for the right client without the constraints of an office location.

Our ‘Smart Planning’ concept continues with the introduction of an industry leading online Event Management System called etouches, which is a phenomenal piece of kit!  etouches is a web based project planning hub, allowing our team to work and collaborate seamlessly together with the client’s team, supplier partners and third parties.

The core of our new hub is the ability to create some incredible websites in house for our client projects. The website capability of etouches is incredible and with a bit if design flare, they really do look the business. The website allows delegates to register and pay for attendance as required and captures the information needed to make the event a fabulous success.

Mix in viral marketing and social media sharing, along with the ability for delegates to print their own badges with bar code technology, our events really have hit the digital age.

Budget management and real time reporting allow clients to access event data at the touch of a button, without the reliance of the event team. And as it is web based, our system can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Simple!

etouches is a sure winner in the technology stakes and elevates Clearwater Events as a logical alternative to the larger agencies which carry those higher price tags…….