ZimFest - Clearwater Events


Managing exhibition stalls at major cultural festival

Clearwater Events provided event management support to ensure the festival’s commercial operation ran like clockwork.

The Client

Zimfest is a one-day festival embracing the best of Zimbabwe culture and attracts over 4,000 people to Kempton Park Racecourse. Clearwater Events has worked at the event for several years and has built up a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the organisers.

The Event

Clearwater Events was asked to run and manage the several hundred vendors operating at the site and ensured that they fitted seamlessly into the festival. We made sure all vendors were compliant with health and safety regulations and all necessary legal paperwork was carried out prior to and during the event. We managed everything vendor-related at the festival, down to ensuring all vendors had an adequate power supply.

Services Included

  • Supplier sourcing, negotiation & contracting
  • Budget management
  • Supplier coordination
  • Event & logistics management
  • Onsite event delivery