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Our Expert Virtual Events product is our full bells and whistles solution. The name kind of gives it away!

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Full Service Virtual Meetings


Consider our expert solution as your own personal virtual venue that brings your people and brands together. Our battle tested, cloud-based system creates an event packed full of cool tools that allows messages to be delivered and business to be done.



Expert in Name, Simple by Nature


Our Expert Virtual Event Management software is built with familiarity in mind, creating a simple system to use and interact with.

In a nutshell, our cool tools include:

  • Ability to create agendas & develop dynamic interactive virtual sessions
  • Create connections through chat rooms, discussion boards & participant matching
  • Sustain attention with live video sessions
  • Provide an easy and stress-free “speak from home” experience
  • Offer sponsored content, feed posts & interactive discussions to exhibitors & partners

Live Streaming


Live streaming can at times be clunky and on occasion, a total pain. You are reliant on delegates downloading software, knowing how to use the software whilst ensuring they maintain an online etiquette. We have all seen those viral YouTube videos.

Our Expert virtual event software has the stream built in. There’s no window to open, no software to download. A simple click and the live stream is streaming all within our native cloud. It’s clean and simple, using tools that are already familiar.

Your audience can enjoy multi-presenter sessions and impact can be multiplied with parallel sessions. This allows for on point content to be delivered in a multi-track environment creating highly tailored and content specific agendas.

Virtual Lobby


The Virtual Lobby is where the magic begins, allowing conversations to start and ideas to flow. When participants register for your virtual event, the virtual lobby is what they will see first. The lobby is a dashboard that will be familiar to many and using it will be a piece of cake.

Our system integrates beautifully with our delegate registration platform, offering a streamlined, single registration journey for delegates (and payment platform for when an attendance fee is required). Consider our registration platform as your event shop window, showcasing your design, content and captivating potential audience.

Our virtual lobby sparks conversation and gets those bright sparks sparking. The lobby feed is the heart of the action allowing us to pin standout content, promote discussion and encourage networking. It’s home to our help desk and concierge service, creating a personalised experience where real business can be done.

Breakout Sessions & Workshops


At physical events, the ability to breakout and discuss specific content can be as important as the keynote. It’s where ideas are created and returns on investment generated.

To keep conversations flowing, our software allows delegates to schedule workshops, create brainstorming sessions and host networking areas all supported with built in video conferencing. Share content, ideation, video and audio.

No downloads required, no navigation to another site. Everything is contained within the system and accessed via a simple click in the virtual lobby. Our tools allow you to create interactive multi-dimensional conversations creating ‘on point’ space for workshops, panels and networking.



A successful event is an engaged event, where delegates are left wanting more.  We create personalised, content rich notifications that call for action and encourage involvement from the get go. From creating pre event check lists and to do’s, through to reminders of when live sessions are taking place, we target at the right time to keep conversations flowing.

Send live or scheduled updates whilst creating personalised digests that summarise the most popular and delegate relevant content from conversation feeds, agenda and chat.

Whether sent via our inbuilt CRM system, cleverly designed email emails or onsite push notifications, we set the bar so your audience can aim high.

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We’d love to hear all about your event and get started on bringing it to life

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Our solutions are always tailored to a specific need, but being technology based, our solutions can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. A great option for when you need a last-minute event experience… We look forward to hearing from you.

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