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Our Essentials Virtual Events product is a no nonsense, simple to use live streaming tool.


Our Essentials solution does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a beautifully simple product perfectly suited to delivering keynote messages or when content needs to lead the way.

We make no excuse for it’s simplicity as we know there are times when all that’s needed is a polished stage to deliver a message. And we can help deliver that message in a clever and amplified



Simple by design, amplified by us


Our solution is built around our delegate registration software, creating a fantastic marketing platform for people interaction, data collection and information sharing.

In a nutshell, our cool tools include:

  • Ability to create custom websites with branding capability
  • Invite delegates to attend via our powerful inbuilt CRM system
  • Share the right content with the right people, dynamic content per delegate type
  • Registration capability with powerful reporting on collected data
  • Simple to navigate live & pre-recorded video streaming, built directly into the website

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Our clever, but simple solution starts with our registration platform. A fully customisable, intelligent system, that creates an online home for your messages, content and virtual event. Our system can be designed as simply, or elaborately as needed, creating multiple content rich pages to kick start the conversation.

At the systems heart is the ability to register delegates. We create simple, easy to use forms for registration based upon personalised questions, agenda and pricing. We can customise the experience, tailoring content to delegate type, whilst adding payment functionality when your event has a cost attached.

Live Streaming


When you want a simple solution, you want your delegates to have a stress free experience, one that doesn’t include the clunk. Using our Essentials virtual event solution technology, provides a best in class live stream that packs the punch.

Accessed through your agenda, delegates have access to pre recorded and live video sessions, all without the need for additional software downloads. We have built the stream into the platform, a simple click on the relevant agenda session provides instant access to the feed and off you go.

The experience can be turned up a notch with our Studio Solution, where our team create box office worthy productions that really engage. Working virtually or via a live green screen studio, we can enhance your content with animation, sound and vision, amplifying your message and maximising your reach.




We know that a great virtual event, is an engaged event where delegates are shouting for more. Taking inspiration from our Expert solution, we have simplified the process, making audience communication a piece of cake.

We create invitations powered by our registration systems CRM tool. Invitations can be scheduled, personalised by delegate type and tracked through powerful reporting tools. Confirmation emails and personalised follow-ups form part of communication tool box, all customisable and designed to deliver targeted information that calls for action.

We combine clever online communication tools with our white glove concierge approach to customer service, ensuring delegates are treated as our guests. The result, an experience that is far more polished than any self-serve webcast.



We love data. In fact, we are obsessive about it. We know that any data collected is only useful when it is collected in the right way.

Behind the systems cool exterior houses a powerful data depositary where we can analyse audience insight and review the metrics important to you. From invitation click through, revenue to on the day no shows, we can drive home the data, keeping your event on track.

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing, with us you get the insight which we think is a brilliant thing.

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We’d love to hear all about your event and get started on bringing it to life

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Our solutions are always tailored to a specific need, but being technology based, our solutions can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. A great option for when you need a last-minute event experience… We look forward to hearing from you.

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