Coronavirus Events

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With Coronavirus, it is hard to decide how to successfully manage your events. Should I host an event? Should I bring people together? What are the health implications?

Virtual meetings eradicate almost all of these concerns and being virtual, our events can be put together and delivered in less than 24 hours. Messages can be delivered, and business can be done. In these troubling times, it’s more important than ever to keep your sparks sparking and this may have to be in the virtual world.

Virtual meetings could replicate a cancelled live event, they could provide training, coaching, education and welfare support. What can be done with our virtual meeting technology is limitless and we can tailor solutions to meet your exact business need, wherever you may sit!

However, meeting face to face is still a brilliant way to engage. We are now employing a number of measures to ensure our live events are as healthy and successful as can be. Measures include:

  • All our crew are UK based & no member of our team has travelled outside of the UK for at least 4 x weeks. All crew are monitored with health questionnaires completed prior to going onsite
  • All our team work virtually – we are a sustainable company!
  • Hand sanitation, optional face masks & door threshold de-contamination (sticky pads for soles of shoes)
  • Chair spacing
  • No handshaking (& no kissing allowed)
  • No buffets
  • Segregation of catering areas
  • Microphone / slide advancer cleansing
  • Combining virtual meeting technology with regional meeting pods allowing face to face audience numbers low