Corporate Team Building

Build bridges or boost morale with our immersive staff rewards, trips, challenges and incentive programmes.

Unite your employees.

Team Building Events are a sure-fire way to raise the confidence and cohesion of your workforce. Well-designed group challenges help people to recognise their strengths and feel valued for them.

We identify your team-building objectives and organise an exciting event that your employees will love. Try breaking the ice with a Bake Off competition, or building bridges by driving diggers.

We’ve hosted iPad-based treasure hunts through Warwick Castle, soapbox challenges, go-kart building and SAS-style pursuits – Health and Safety assured and all above board.

Motivate your staff.

Well-judged incentive programmes propel people and reward their achievements. They inspire and galvanise teams. Plus they’re proven to boost productivity.

Our incentives push the boundaries. We take pride in unearthing enriching experiences and destinations, from dune bashing in the Middle East to lunch on Sugar Loaf Mountain.

We’re believers in making things possible on a smaller budget too, from offbeat UK excursions to dinner and cocktails at the hottest new restaurants.

Whether you want something extravagant or small and tasteful, our incentives are tailored carefully to your goals and objectives.   

By partnering with our Event Marketing Team, we can design teasers, branding and a complete incentive identity. We can also measure performance during the campaigns.

Why Use Us?

  • Personalised & Unique Experiences

  • Performance Measurement

  • Consultancy on Reward Solutions

  • Solutions that meet Company Objectives

  • Understanding What Motivates Your Team

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